This 2013 project, produced by Jono Manson,  includes two co-writes and twelve cover songs written by artists who share a love of the late night campfires and song circles at the Kerrville Folk Festival. It's a benefit project with 100% of sales going to the Kerrville Folk Festival Foundation to help bring kids to the summer Music Camp for Teens.

Writers include the late Jack Hardy, Greg Trooper, Amy Speace, Rj Cowdery, Joe Crookston, Drew Nelson, Annie Wenz, Dan Navarro, Jeff Talmadge, Patrick Maloney, Caroline Aiken, Chad Elliot & Ben Bochner..

The album won "Album of the Year" and "Song of the Year" (for Dirty Wine co-written with Annie Wenz) and the Norman Petty "Producer of the Year "award for Jono Manson
For further information on how you can help sponsor a child, please go to the Foundation's website, and click on "music camp". You can also scroll to the bottom of this page for a brief video presentation about the camp
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Jaime had been thinking about a cover tunes project for some time, partially as a tribute to his long time musical hero, Tom Rush, and also as a tip of the hat to the many years Jaime spent as a cover tune artist, long before he became a songwriter.

As it happens, Jaime was in a late night song circle at the 2012 Kerrville Folk Festival when a writer he'd never met, Ben Bochner, wandered in, sat down and played his song "unknown blessings". After chasing Ben down and asking him if he could record the tune, Jaime began thinking about the phrase "unknown blessings" and how it applied to many of the songs he had covered over the years. He'd never been one to play radio tunes, preferring instead to perform songs by friends or obscure writers. By the time he fell asleep in his tent that night, Jaime had decided that he'd record an album of songs written by friends from the Kerrville festival.

A few months later Jaime found himself in a song circle at the Rocky Mountain Folks Festival with multi-award winning songwriter Steve Seskin and Annie Wenz, who had both just returned from teaching at the Kerrville Music Camp for Teens. They described the extremely moving experience of being with these kids, some of whom came from pretty rough lives, and watching them interact with writers and musicians who were helping them find their own voices. Again, by the time he fell asleep in his tent, Jaime had decided to make the album a total benefit project to help these kids and the camp. He had recently heard John Gorka perform a song that he wrote when his friend Bill Morrissey passed away that said, in part, "just let me do some good with the time i have left"........

The album includes songs written by the late Jack Hardy, Greg Trooper, Joe Crookston, Amy Speace, Pat Maloney, Dan Navarro, Ben Bochner, Jeff Talmadge, Rj Cowdery, Drew Nelson, Caroline Aiken and Chad Elliott as well as two co-writes, one with Annie Wenz and one with Mare Lennon. It was recorded primarily at the Kitchen Sink Studio in Chupadero, New Mexico and produced by Jono Manson. The band features guitarist Ben Wright and acoustic bassist Josh Martin with guest appearences by Jono on vocals and guitar, vocalist Larkin Gayl, Austin's Albert & Gage, accordionist Joel Guzman, Colorado banjo wizard Jeff Scroggins along with his son Tristan on mandolin, New Zealander (by way of Santa Fe) John Egenes on mandolin & dobro, England's George Breakfast on mandolin, vibist Angela Gabriel, percussionist Mark Clark, clawhammer banjoist Tom Adler, and pianist Chris Ishee.

Jaime says his goal is to provide scholarships for as many kids as possible, feed them, and if possible, provide them with instruments.

Your generosity is greatly appreciated!